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I had my first discussion about metal and video-games over 15 years ago with a friend, who was programming a game for the amiga32 at the time. His opinion was, that metal and electric guitars just dont fit the setting of video-games. While he clearly was wrong on that one, he has been working on some great games at factor5, so i'm cutting him some slack on that little lapse. There are alot of games that have shown how greatly the experience can be enhanced with blasting drums and distorted guitars, but apart from classical fantasy / roleplaying themes the metal-genre itself seems still to be nerd-free territory. That is why this little project sets out to do the opposite by bringing the cult of the gaming-culture to the metal-world. Which is an idea that has been stuck in my head for ages now, but every time it came up again either the time or motivation was lacking. So after my last band split up and i had some free time on my hands i started confronting the demons of this past neglect. I hope some of you enjoy the songs as much as i had fun doing them.
So, what does the name UZi stand for? To be honest, nothing really. It's a nickname a good friend of mine gave me ages ago (which doesn't work so well in english as it does in german). As a pacifist i usually dislike weapon-symbols, but since guns are so quintessential to 3d video gaming i found it quite fitting to use it for this endeavour into the realm of my nerd-metal confabulations.
I'd also love to not only do music about games, but also music / sound fx for games, so feel free to contact me, if you need material for a mod or a game or want to colaborate with me in any other way or form.

n3rd > m3t4l

Opposite to what the above picture claims, all the instruments have been played and all the sequencer-programming has been done by yours truely, Lutzifer. I mainly used an old, modified Sunn O))) Strat together with the great ZOOM G7.1 für the guitar sounds, a Washburn bass-guitar and a multitude of VSTis within Cubase or occasionally Audition. Feedback on what you liked and didnt like is always appreciated. And yeah, i know, the guitars dont really sound like real guitars would. Cabinet-simulation sucks in most cases and recording live-guitar is not an option with my neighbours. But yes, i could make the sound much better (like recording in our rehearsal-room) but that would take the fun out of the project. So as long as nobody backs me up with a record-contract or similar offers of gratitude, the sound - which i also happen to really like - will stay the way it is for now =)

copyrights in the digital age

I've been actively trying to get in touch with the copyright-owners of the different samples i've used in the songs, but apart from a prompt reply from Scott Miller from 3drealms (<3) i have gotten no other responses yet. So if any of the copyright-owners feels he hasn't received due notification and request for non-commercial use feel free to contact me. Although i own all of the games and movies that i used stuff from (some in more than one edition, DAMN you George Lucas and Gabe Newell!), i got all the samples from different websites like youtube, where they were freely available, so consider sueing them first, if you feel i have overstepped fair use rights ;)

may the nerdforce be with you!

copyleft 2008, all rites reversed

recorded, mixed and mastered
@ Lutzifer's Lair