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this is one of those websites that really dont have any other reason for their existance than the one, that somebody had too much time on his hands. The idea of doing gaming-related metal songs has been brewing in me for years. So after my last band split up and i had some free time on my hands i started confronting the demons of my past neglect. What you hear are the first songs of this little one-man project. When the creative mood strikes more will be added. So f34r for the w0rst =)

\m/ (0_o) \m/

download nukebag - grabbing back the grabbag

Lee Jackson's grabbag is one of the greatest songs - if not the greatest - of the midi-era of video-game sound. Add to that, that Duke Nukem 3d was one of the most enjoyable games to ever grace the earth and you know, why i had to do a cover-version of this song. This is me, bowing down in awe and gratitude, saying "hail to the king, baby" till DNF takes back the throne

samples and grabbag (c) 3drealms, used with permission

download knee-deep in doom

DooM. Nothing could be said about it that hasnt been already. The particular songs in this one are the two great midi-songs from episode 1: e1m1 and e1m5. The first one being the initial reason why i started this project. I heard it in a TV documentary about the history of video games and it struck me how awesome not only playing doom was, but also how great the music was for its time (considering the sound-limitations). It really hit the metal-fan in me at that time and still does. E1m5 is a dark and brooding song that had a small chirpy sound in it that really creeped me out back than, when first playing through DooM and I used it as intro. I took some liberties with both to make it sound more interesting. Hell wont be amused

both songs (c) ID Software

download nerdforce rising - the return of the king of the empire strikes back

This started out as a musical experiment of my girlfriend (the nerdforce is strong in this one =)) and ended up as a crossover of the lion king and star wars. The common denominator being the great voice of James Earl Jones and the father & son theme inherent in both stories. Idiocy you say? Master Obi-Wan, not idiocy. The shroud of the dork side has fallen. Begun the rising of the nerdforce has.

samples and parts of the song (c) Lucasfilm & (c) Disney

download c4 - a deathmetal recipe in deep C

Cookies are bad, mmmmkay? So bad actually that they banned one of the greater cookie monster songs from being aired. But just how bad cookies really are nobody could have known and is revealed only here. In deep C. Which is for cookie. Or rather cookie-crumbling grindcore. No, it really is.

samples (c) Sesame Workshop

download arcadian peynn

If i wasnt atheist, i'd believe in the church of penny arcade because they transcend everything. I m not sure if either of the two has any inclination towards the genre of the heavily distorted electrified guitar, but they sure as hell are metal at heart. Many of their strips are iconoclastic archetypes of the barbarian banter which makes my metal sense tingling like there is no tomorrow. But one comic hit the proverbial nail on the head so profoundly like it was geek golgothapalooza that i had to do a song about it: "i hope you like text". A comic just cant get more black metal than that! Except perhaps for Dethklok :D The intro & outro stuff is from a video interview with Gabe & Tycho

lyrics (c) Penny Arcade

download portisheadcrab - an homage to HLČ

This song started out as an experiment with different VSTis and gradually turned into something that reminded me of portishead with a kind of dark atmosphere reminiscent of half-life thrown in the mix. Given the name i thought it would be fun and more than appropriate to add some samples from HL2, which made the song perfect. Speaking of perfection, it really startled me how nearly everything the gman ever had to say is perfectly fitting the tempo of the song o_0
I cant say that the same applies to the voice of Alyx though =)

samples (c) Valve

download all in a zip-file

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